Workshop Weekend

Ring Class- Rob Wright manufacturing jeweller

From $200.00
30th November: 9am- 11am, 1pm- 3:00pm
1st December: 9am- 11am, 1pm- 3:00pm
Please contact Rob under to secure your space and to discuss your metal options.

Create your own ring designs during our 2hour course together with manufacturing jeweller Rob Wright and his team. Sterling silver or 9ct yellow gold will be used.

This is a full hand on course where you will melt, bend, saw, hammer, file and polish metal to create your own individual ring. A great insight of the basics of a goldsmith and Rob will make sure that you walk out with a beautiful piece.

The $200 will include a sterling silver design.
max 2 students at a time.

For a 9ct yellow gold gold ring design additional costs will apply and the ring price is depending on weight.
Please contact us so we can calculate your ring weight and give you a price.
Why not use this class as a great way to create your own wedding rings?

Bracelet class- Belinda Lubkoll-Young- Jeweller

30th November: 10am- 11:30am, 1pm- 2:30pm
1st December: 10am- 11:30am, 1pm- 2:30pm
Please contact Belinda under to secure your space

Book a cosy and relaxing bracelet class in our studio overlooking the green countryside of Oakura! Grab a friend and find out who has the creative gene  All materials provided and price included. You can choose from a large variety of pearls and semi-precious stones.

Create your own bracelet together with our help and choose from a large variety of pearls and semi-precious and precious gems.
This workshop can fit up to 11 students at a time

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Join our workshops and enjoy art as a group, learn new skills or simply have a nice afternoon with your friends.

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Susan Imhasly- Twinfelt

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loose colourful wool

Rob Wright- Ringcraft Moana

Pearl bracelet workshop Pearls& Cake for up to 12 people. $40 pp

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