Susan Imhasly- Feltmaker


Fibre, a very basic material, is the origin of Susan’s artwork. Producing felt in her own studio she is experimenting with colours, shapes and
different usabilities of this ancient skill. A wide range of clothing, hats, scarfs, slippers, interior design, jewellery and objects are on display.
Susan will be working throughout the Oakura Arts Trail to show how fibre turns into felt.

a. 294A Surrey Hill Road, Oakura
m. 027 976 6586

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Map number 13

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Or read about her felt art in our local TOM magazine on page 9

About Susan Imhasly

Susan is a felt artist from Switzerland, she immigrated to New Zealand in 2013. Susan loves her new life in Oakura, being surrounded by the beautiful nature, sea and, very important for somebody coming from the Swiss Alps, Mount Taranaki.

Before felt crossed her path more than 10 years ago, Susan mainly painted with watercolours, however she was immediately fascinated by the process of felting when she first got in contact with the ancient skill. It is basically a simple process in which loose fibres turn into a sturdy fabric, just by rubbing and moisture. Felt art can be hung (pictures), worn (clothes, accessories, jewellery) or displayed (interior design, objects) although the range of possibilities are endless.

Felting is a slow process that requires a lot of patience and physical strength. Each type of wool (alpaca, mohair, angora and various sheep breeds) has specific properties and it is a challenge to use the right material to get the desired result. Organic structures, shapes and natures colour combinations inspire Susan to manipulate fibres into the desired form. Simplicity, reducing to a minimum, clarity in lines, colours and patterns are words that describe Susan’s work. She challenges herself to interpret the feeling she gets from the physical world to create a visual piece with only a few lines, shapes and colours.

Her work is displayed in two internationally published books about felt art – “Felt Passion” and “Worldwide Colours of Felt”. Susan worked as a tutor in Switzerland and now offers workshops in her Twinfelt Studio.